Our trip to Italy was an unforgettable experience. Much as we were excited about journey we were also a bit scared. Fortunately, we needn’t have been anxious about it. We spent 6 nice days meeting new friends and trying new dishes.

The food wasn’t our one and only matter. Besides visiting food factories we also explored many fantastic sights. I especially remembered a trip to the seaside. The wind was blowing as hard as if it had been trying to blow off our heads.  Not only did we have an opportunity to gather theoretical knowledge but we could also learn how to make traditional pasta. Italians are incredibly friendly and hospitable, no sooner had we met than we became friends. Mediterranean diet consists mainly of pasta but this is the thing which everyone knows.  I was the most surprised at a pizza with potatoes. We were all having fun but days and nights passed very fast. Suddenly, the last day came and it was time to say goodbye. We hugged to each other with tears in our eyes even though we knew we would meet again in April.

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