I really enjoyed the time I spent in Italy. I won't forget my Comenius friends and places that I visited. I saw the capital of Italy – Rome and two seaside cities - Trani and Barletta. I was impressed by Lucera – the city that I stayed in for a week.

It's a beautiful place and full of kind Italian people. I learnt how to produce olive oil and pasta because we visited places where they are manufactured and I made pasta in a special meeting! I think that Mediterranean diet ishealthier that the Polish one. I tried many dishes and my favourires are: pizza, lasagne, spaghetti, a kind of sausage and parma ham. I like tiramisu and panna cotta very much. Before I was in Italy I'd thought that Italian people aren't polite and nice but in fact they are! I found out that they are hospitable and easy-going! I met lots of people and now I keep in touch with them. We had some free time and I enjoed it very much! I got better in English and saw a beautiful country so I'm grateful for going to Italy!

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