It was the first time that I have been to Italy. I saw the capital – Rome. I remember the city of Foggia – it was beautiful. There were many old buildings, which I found very interesting.

I found out that the body of an old, well-known Polish priest lies beneath the church in Lucera. It was amazing to go to that place. The food in Italy is great. I love their pasta. I also like the dish they’re most famous for – pizza. It was the first time I’ve seen such big pizzas! One pizza was over 2m in diameter. The thing I liked the most was the Di Trevi Fountain. I was looking forward to seeing it for so long! I think that the Italian people are very friendly and outgoing – they like to party! Thanks to going to Italy I made new, fantastic friends and learned about Italian traditions and most importantly – I tasted some of their great dishes!

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